Wine is a fascinating topic. Unfortunately, it frequently has an elitist air about it and people are often intimidated by it. While I have been lucky to taste some of the greatest wines on the planet and subsequently have an understanding of how magical this beverage can be, I feel that wine is mostly to be drunk with meals and shared among friends in a casual, friendly and convivial manner.

After organizing and hosting scores of fine wine dinners I decided to create an affair that is a true celebration of Burgundy. My La Paulée is inspired by La Paulée de Meursault, a traditional gathering on the third Monday of November to celebrate the new vintage and share wine and food with family, friends and fellow winemakers. Not only do I invite the biggest names in Burgundy to my version of La Paulée but I find it important to introduce some lesser known winemakers and rising stars as well.

The first Paulée was in New York in 2000. Since then we have spent alternating years in San
Francisco, Aspen and New York City. Burgundy brings people together and if this is my little way of making peace in the world, then my bags are packed!!!

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